Nothing Personal O:)

What makes her so special to be the first person (albeit anonymous) to feature here? The fact that she is the girlfriend of one of my best friends. He deserves a bigger mention than this and I shall surely go about it. Right now, I shall talk about the person who has made him “happier than I ever was”.


{Sarcasm ahead. Proceed with caution}


She is a very cool person with a lot of character attributes. Or so she thinks.

She is very demure and held back. She is so modest that she doesn’t have a lot of friends. She, well, likes to keep to herself.

Most people do not like her, they sometimes even hate her. But, as Winston Churchill said, “If nobody hates you, then you stood up for nothing.” She must have stood up for a lot of things, going by that logic. And she is again so modest that almost nobody knows what she stood up for. Anyway, if Churchill vindicated her, who am I to vilify her?

She is very nice at heart. She sympathizes with the deprived conditions of the random lecherous people on metros who stare at her. Instead of moving away or making sarcastic remarks, she keeps staying where she was, possibly suppressing an urge to give lap-dances. She ardently supports Mother Teresa and spreads her love for all, no matter how lecherous they are.

She is rebellious. Brave enough to defy authorities. She has done a lot of things at school which have not gone down well with the authorities, but then, didn’t even Subhash Chandra Bose assault a Professor Oaten?

She is very, very intelligent. WAY above the masses. At a recent MUN, she did not speak at all. Why? The first and the more clichéd reason is that she wanted the newbies to have confidence. If she had spoken, they’d have stayed shut in inferiority complex. The second and the more plausible reason is that she felt insulted to speak in a committee so infested with ignorance. She was like a Harvard professor attending a debate where the other participants are all kindergarten students, discussing international polity.

Concentration point

However, she is so nice that she did not refuse to have her photographs taken and in fact was busier posing for photographs than paying attention to the goings-on of the committee. She knew that her image rights would fetch the MUN a lot of publicity, and therefore obliged the shutterbugs. In the featured picture (copyright: Kakee Keith Liao and Youenkee Neil Liao, the damn cool photographers), you can see her pretending to focus on committee, or suppressing a fart, both indicating how involved she is, in the committee.

Disclaimer: I am eternally grateful to her for being so painstaking in making my blog so famous in the social media. Thank you, T!  (also for those chocolate cakes)