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FunJava- The Idea

What is FunJava?

The idea of FunJava is simple:  We teach class 10 kids how to code in Java, for their ICSE exams.

How is it different from other such Java-for-ICSE websites?

It’ll be fun, rather than rote theory learning. We’ll go super crazy! Also, unlike coding blogs that remain unattended for years, we will actually reply to queries and demands within 48 hours.

Why FunJava?

I know a lot of people who, back in their class 10 days, used to memorize codes the previous night, spew it out on the paper, close their eyes and pray. They hated Java coz they couldn’t understand stuff, and with most tuition teachers having more than 10 students per batch, it became difficult for them to even catch up.

Now imagine you, as a class 10 student, had a cool-ass teacher who could explain coding in such a funny way that you actually remembered stuff. Wouldn’t that be so cool?

That’s exactly what we, at FunJava, hope to do.

Sample this:



Ritam and I are already preparing more and more resources as you read this blog.

Why don’t you let us know your brutally honest thoughts about this in the comments below? You can go full KRK-mode in your criticism. As usual, Facebook-comments have been enabled.

Shoot! 🙂


DP Story #1 : Mayank Bhai.. !

Surya Shekhar Chakraborty photographs
“What’s cooking?”

Oh what can I say about Mayank’s dp! It is one of my favorite shots!

But I love the history of the shot even more.

I had taken my camera to tuition, and even got a photo of this dog outside class. “Dekh dekh, kaise ye kutta pose maar raha hai!” Mayank pointed. Out came my 50mm prime, and I got this.


After class, Ritam gave us a lift till a place called Khanna. We decided to walk to Ultodanga to save a rupee, as the bus bhaara to my house (at Bangur) from Ultodanga was a rupee cheaper. The idea was mine, of course, like all other money-saving ideas. But there was a phuchka vendor at Ultodanga who was vending phuchkas cheaper than usual. Both of us were full, but the prospect of getting ONE extra phuchka for Rs. 10 seemed too lucrative to dismiss.

Mayank, Surya Shekhar Chakraborty
“Hum se panga nehi lene ka…”

Staggering under the crushing weight of 24 phuchkas after a heavy meal (do not try this at home), I proposed walking to Bangur Avenue rather than taking a bus. Mayank agreed. While walking on the VIP, I came across a nice place where a lot of lights converged. And the rest, as they say, is Mayank’s dp…

“Bhai, ye picture toh bariya nikla! Tujhko hum treat denge,” said Mayank.

I hope when he reads this, this will appeal to his conscience and he will be reminded of yet another unkept promise.

But he is a commerce student.



Businessmen logon ka conscience tha bhi kab?