Kinda funny

Love Story of a College Cat

Pip is a friendly cat.

A regular Casanova, he loves being petted by the girls of Loreto College.

You can find him sniffing around in the college canteen, or pricking his ears to listen to lectures  in classes nearby.

Monami Goswami, a first year student in the college, tracks his movements with her phone camera on one sunny day when Pip decides not to be alone for Valentine’s Day (or is it Felintine’s Day?)

Pip trying to be the centre of attraction, as always


He sees a hot cat passing by. “Target acquired”


Stalking and wooing begins


He proposes. She clearly finds the brick more interesting


She is not impressed. She decides to walk away


Pip sees an Iron Curtain separating him from his Laila


Pip hides his face in shame 🙁