To Whoever is Listening…


This is me, Surya. Pronounce it as Shurjo, okay? If you are not sure how to pronounce Shurjo, try Sure-Joe. In case you still cannot, well, …

Anyway, what do I love to do?

Wrong question. To get a more specific answer, ask what I do not love to do.

What do I not love to do?

Study Chemistry. I don’t know why, but the subject doesn’t quite appeal to me at all. It is the only subject that i cannot relate with. I mean, how would the velocity of sub-atomic particles help me in any way in my rather slow-paced life? I know the argument I just gave was stupid, but it isn’t as much as the subject is.

Okay. Since I am bored and have nothing better to do, let me tell you my interests as well.  If you are not bothered. just skip the following paragraph.

If you are actually reading this paragraph, my eyes have welled up with tears of joy… Anyway, back to business. I love to talk shit. And call that “debating” (LOL)! I love to take pictures with my camera that my Dad spent quite an amount on. And call that “photography” (LOL again, but a little softer this time)! Are you still reading? Then mail me at mentioning your name and address. I will send you a chocolate. Which reminds me, I love eating. And I love people who regularly treat me, Shivam Mehta, Anirban Saha and random dudes at school for example. I used to play table tennis, and played state once. Don’t ask me how many games I won there.

I guess I have written enough for my first post.

But nothing is complete without thanking my brother who gave me this domain for me to use. Visit him @

If you are a visitor to this site, please, PLEASE, be patient enough to comment whatever you feel down below, in the comment box. Maybe we can strike up a conversation? 🙂

I find it very weird, when I visit a site and want to post something but my email and everything is required. So, in this site, you don’t need to say anything. Just post freaking whatever comes to mind!

Stop press: A lot of spam was incoming, hence I switched back to the traditional.