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Open Letter from a Photographer

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

How to become a photographer?

Buy a DSLR
Click a selfie with it
Make your own page, “*firstname* *surname* *photography*”
Post random pictures every day with your watermark on it

If you laughed at the joke, or cracked it at some point in your life, or shared the following meme, please read on.

You, sir, are a royal idiot.

People not receptive towards something new, is not something new. You have haunted people in the previous ages for stupid things like playing football or even wearing a watch. Your hypocrisy today lands you in a constant mockery of those who shoot photographs with DSLRs.

Photography is an art, and much like all other arts, you do not perfect it in a day. I do not realize why you ridicule amateur photographers. Everyone starts off as an amateur. Nobody is born a Steve McCurry. When we upload our first photograph on Facebook, we expect some admiration and some constructive criticism. Making us an object of ridicule is not helping our case. It isn’t doing any good to your image either. You do not become a hero by making fun of a beginner. Quite like how you do not become a hero by making fun of a fifth grader for not knowing trigonometry.

When you find us on the streets, you sneer at us. You smirk when we get into awkward positions to capture the perfect moment. The best of photographs, Sir, are often a result of the camera’s angle. If we are ready to lie flat on the ground to get that perfect perspective, I believe that you, with all your suit-and-tie glory, should learn to appreciate it, for that is something you will never be able to do. Unless of course you trip over, a far less glorious thing to do than to shoot photographs.

Let me now come back to the ‘joke’ I had started with.

Buy a DSLR
Click a selfie with it
Make your own page, “*firstname* *surname* *photography*”
Post random pictures every day with your watermark on it

What is wrong with buying a DSLR? If a person wants to take decent photos and has the money to buy one, who are we to judge? We do not judge if a person buys a point-and-shoot camera; so why judge when he buys a more expensive camera? Just because the focus can be altered?

Clicking a selfie. It is not wrong when you click a selfie with your new iPhone to show it off. It is not wrong when you pose alongside your new car and take a photo, upload it and tag everyone. Who doesn’t feel proud when he buys a new gadget? We merely wish to share it with you! On a social media created for this purpose, I do not see what is there to be judged on.

Soupayan takes a quirky selfie
Soupayan takes a quirky selfie

Who likes lack of organization? These photography pages do a remarkable job at organizing their photographs, so that you need not browse through irrelevant content on the person’s personal profile to find the photographs he has taken. Often, the popularity of their pages lands them wonderful opportunities. (Do visit the pages of Anirban SahaSayon Kumar Saha and Soupayan Dutta. Those will prove my point.)

Watermark. A watermark is a means to identify the person behind the lens. So, next time you see a painting, call up the painter and opine, “How narcissistic of you to put your signature beneath that painting!” While you are at it, why don’t you call up Adidas too and let them know what you think of them for putting their logo on almost all the shirts they make?

Warhol did the unthinkable!

Photography is a brilliant thing, with its only variables being speed, light and time. It freezes time, something that even your Pantene’s and Garnier’s Anti-ageing Creams cannot do.

So the next time, you try to be all nasty in front of (or behind) a photographer, remember what we do.

We frame you.

We shoot you.

And then we hang you out to dry.



CBSAON 2013 was a roaring success. ‘Nuff said.

Let’s get down to acknowledging some people who deserve it. (Teachers, I know you won’t ever read this, so I am not making a special reference to you. You know you all are awesome)

The guy, who used to be teased for being feminine, showed why he is The Man. Puspak Sen was the dude who ran logistics. He ensured that everything was in place. The acceptance letters he wrote for the chosen logistics members were perhaps even better written and better designed than the official letters that went out to the other schools. In that letter was a code of conduct that he expected of the members of the logi. One point even read: “Thou shalt not ask girls for their names or numbers (even if they are on WhatsApp).”


The Coolest SecGen ever

“Who the Baablaa? Me the baablaa.” And THAT is how the most super-cool SecGen ever introduces himself. Souryadeep Basak toiled so much to organize this, he even got a tan. His disarming charm, his nonchalant ghaapla, his suave swag… makes ‘em girls go “Daayuum Bezak, ye got some reeal shizz in there”.  I run out of adjectives while describing this super-awesome friend of mine who has never let me down. The better half of the Surya-Sourya combination, this guy always places first in debates where I place third.


Gem of a person
Gem of a person



Tannistha Sinha is awesome. Period. She screamed, she sang, she waltzed her way through corridors, halls, hearts and ended with the Best Delegates’ Award (in her first MUN). She has the distinction of being my bestfriend, as well as the girlfriend of my bestfriend. Sugar and spice and everything nice, she is the nicest person you can get to know. And no, she didn’t pay me for this. Remember the debate in which I came third? Well, she’s the girl who beat me, and I am only too happy to be beaten by her. Coming from me, you’d know how much that means.


Speaking of awesome MUNners, it would be absolutely unjust if I leave Ekansh Mishra and Harsh Gupta. These first time MUNners were absolutely brilliant. CBS is safe in their hands, I am proud to say.


A towering character
A towering character

Speaking of extra-awesome MUNners, you know you’re really extra-awesome when CBS gives you a standing ovation while you go to receive your awards on stage. Proneet De (LMB) and Ribhu Mukherjee (Bosco, yes you read it right). If there ever were any studs, they were these two. After the first day of the committee, everyone knew who the Best Delegate in their committees would be. And they didn’t disappoint. You two, I lead your OverAwedFan Club.



Rajarshi Das on the violin, Puja Bose on the drums and Bhishwadeb ‘Ishan’ Guha and Saptarshi Dey/Mitra on the guitars: Deadliest combination ever. And anyone who saw them perform would thoroughly agree.


Rohit Kr Bose and Anirban Saha (TCS) did a terrific job making the website. Seriously, men. People even said that the website was better than that of another MUN (I won’t name, but you know which one I mean). Arya Chakraborty, Avishek Rakshit, Agnibha Pal, Soupayan Datta, Sreyan MC: you people deserve the credits for so many, so freaking many DPs of so many people. You guys were awesome.


Finally, thank you Mr. President, for thanking everyone else, from the Principal to Jesus Christ. Thank you for reducing my workload. Thank you so much! ((NO sarcasm, honestly))

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Republic Day, 2013

The 26th of January, 2013, shall remain a day etched forever in my memory, and published forever in my blog.

The previous night, I stayed up till 4am, watching a wonderful movie called 17 Again. You know, reaping the benefits to the fullest when your parents are away for a night… Anyway, the movie was really moving: it was about a 40 year old aam aadmi, who becomes 17 again, and tries to correct his mistakes. It is indeed one of those movies which, despite being feel-good, is worth a watch. Yes, despite being feel-good.

The next morning, I had to get up at 7, all groggy… Our school had been given the privilege of hosting the Kolkata Quiz Festival this year, and Souptik and I were one of the numerous teams (more than a hundred teams, from thirty five schools) that were participating.

I never expected Souptik to come to my place in time. So, when I got out of the bathroom at 8, doing a Ranbir Kapoor in Saawariya, guess whose bewildered face greeted me?

We sat huddled over the morning newspaper, discussing everything that came to our minds. Did you know that tequila is made out of Agave cactus? A cactus?

And when we were done, I declared, “Boss. We are gonna WIN this thing!”

And the picture best describes how Souptik responded.

Good joke, boss!

It is hard to believe, yes, but Souptik had a lot of money with him that day; and even harder to believe: He seemed willing to spend it on a Volvo ride to school! (Despite our school not being en route)

So we took a Volvo to Esplanade, and walked 1.9 kilometers back to school. All for the sake of riding an air-conditioned Volvo bus on a cold winter morning.

The event was supposed to be inaugurated at 12. It was a really big event, with bigshot sponsors like ITC, Indian Jute Association, The Telegraph and all. It was organized by an offshoot of Rotary Club, called XQUIZIT. The amazing quizzers: Aanton-Arijit-Samrat-Saurav are the members of the same, and wonderfully conducted six quizzes over two days.

When I reached school, I sat down and joked with some of my juniors: Agnibha, Rajarshi, Sayan, and all. And no, I cannot share the jokes here. Cbs were chilling out whereas other schools were eagerly poring over their phones, apparently updating their knowledge.

Suddenly, Sreyan comes up to me and says, “Shurjo. You have got to do the opening speech.”

Brace yourself…

All my chilled-out-ness went out of the window. Trust me, no matter how many debates you wn, speaking in public always makes any guy nervous, or so I like to feel. However, the inauguration went pretty well.

According to the pictorial evidence shared here(courtesy Agnibha), I was smiling. Either I was making a fool out of myself, or being really, really cool.

I remember something I quoted on stage about the Republic Day celebrations: “If even 3 out of 10 Indians knew the significance of the Day, it would have been a greater cause to celebrate.”

Out of the many teams who came, 8 qualified for the finals. Souptik and I was one of those. DPS was the only school which saw 2 of its teams qualify. A team from Lakshmipat Singhania Academy qualified, and it had a tremendously talented quizzer, as I had been warned earlier. Bosco, St. Thomas and Mahadevi Birla World Academy also made it.

The quiz began. Bosco was leading after the first two rounds. In the third round, we suddenly gained a lot of impetus and went way ahead of others and stayed there for till the last round, where we would have won anyway, even if we scored negative. This got so boring for us, that you can check Souptik’s undisguised emotion here:

This is too much to take.

We celebrated our victory over egg-chicken rolls outside!


Milind Ghosh, half of whose face you can see in the pic above, is a legendary MUNner of St. Thomas. He graciously gave me a lift to Kankurgachi. I decided to pay Bibek, one of my closest friends, a visit. It was not any casual visit; it was an emergency (if you know what I mean).

There, I met three wonderful girls, two of who were generous enough to pose for my lens, following a soft drinks treat.


This is Tanishi. She calls herself “awesome” and that automatically makes her awesome.


This is Shatabdi. She is more quiet, and plays badminton better than most girls do.


This is Santa, aka Santu. Some teachers call him Sayantan though. His hairstyle has been a source of inspiration for many.

 And this, is Bibek. His email ID is “bibekrooney” and his gaming account name is “respect-aka-viv”. Our class teacher refers to him as the guy who gets 100 in Economics.


Baidu wanted himself to feature, so here you are. Didn’t have a picture of you. World, meet Baidurya Mukherjee: a gem of a guy, who I am forever indebted to, for loading my hard disk. With movies.

And then I went to my guru, Anirban Saha’s place. We chatted a bit, and went to Domino’s together. And had a lot of fun and pizzas!

It was a day, spent to the fullest. It felt even better when it came out that my bestie, Souryadeep, got recognized as the most promising delegate at IITKGP Mun. Which is a BIG deal, given he was a mere school student among college goers. CBS, CBS, everywhere…