My favourite photographs.

I like photography. For the sake of it. Not just because it makes me cool (or uncool) or all. It is just because I like it.

Here are some of my favourite ones. Do leave your comments behind! I learn from criticism.

The Burning Horse.
The Burning Horse.

I recently clicked this at home. I haven’t edited it much. To be honest, I am not a good editor of photographs. This was basically a slow shutter picture taken with my 50mm prime lens. It is one of the pictures that is really difficult to click, and when the effort pays off, it is the best sensation in the world.



Also the credit of the 50mm prime lens, this was taken at Sohinee’s place. She is a very nice friend of mine, from Loreto House, who often treats me, thus earning her adjective. This is her female dog (yes, I know there’s a word for it), Mukulee! Such a sweetheart who scared Rommel off.


Avirup's cover pic.
Avirup’s cover pic.

I had recently learnt slow shutter photography and did this for my best friend ever: Avirup Biswas. He has a terrible handwriting, but when it comes to a picture, EVERYONE is an expert!



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