1. Sreyan Mullick Chowdhury

    This is truely informative and I really liked the humourous tone of the writing.

    I want will just add one thing. Since blogs sometimes do guide people to take life decisions.(say not study for the endsem maths paper cause I am not gonna be a rocket scientist anyway)

    You should also mention that continuous mathematics is very important for students and professionals in the feild of the mathematical sciences and social sciences like Statistics and Economics, (something that comes immediately in my mind.)

    Statisticians and Economists earn their living by coming up with theories and models which are majorly based on the bad math (as you say).


    • Very legitimate observation Sreyan.
      Most predictive models do depend on the continuous math, but that sense of perception usually comes in college.

      The point of this blogpost however was to tell people it’s not the end of the world if you don’t understand continuous math yet. Just so that when people sit up late the night before their exams mugging up integration formulae, they don’t feel like Jon Snow.

  2. Aditya Jagdev

    I like!

    (writing all this just cuz the dialog box on the next page says that my comment didn’t have enough characters)

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