1. Leaving city is not always the option. Adjustment is the key. More complicated problems may arise in Delhi, Bangalore. You can’t run away from every town which treats you wrong.

  2. This situation in the medical field is not so clear.
    Well, the thing about medical field is, you don’t have to go out of your way to meet new people from different races. They come to you. Also, you get to interact with people from all economic strata, and you can’t stop wondering at the privileges we enjoy, without even realizing.
    Coming to Kolkata in specific, you will see that the no of students from Kolkata(WB) getting into MD/MS all over India is less compared to other states. However, the clinical skills of simple MBBS doctors from Kolkata are better, due to the sheer workload and no of cases they have to deal with, which is also the reason why they have less time to study (study only and solve MCQs like XI-XII) for MD/MS entrance.
    So, it’s a dicy situation in that way.
    Speaking of personal gains, studying MBBS in Delhi, Maharashtra or South India is certainly a better option.

  3. Tanu

    A very well-written article Shurjo! 🙂 Kudos on that.

    However, why do you target Kolkata so specifically in this article? Yes, it is true that Kolkata is not a hub of cultural diversification, and we are in a dearth of job opportunities as well. But that does that mean that it is mandatory for someone to get out of the city to get quality education?

    I find that the major issue you target in this article is that there is not enough exposure to cultural diversity in Kolkata. Barring a handful cities like B’lore, Delhi, NCR, etc. the same isn’t available in any other Indian city. And talking about falling in unprecedented socially awkward situations like your dada did in Chennai, getting educated in ANY Indian city shall not help you avoid such scenarios outside the country. The only solution is to gain experience and getting accustomed to the way of life in a new place.

    However, let me tell what Kolkata has to offer. 🙂 Personally, I love travelling. Till date I have been to 13 different countries (both business and leisure purposes) and 50+ different cities. Still, I would prefer Kolkata over any other city anyday. 🙂
    Living in Kolkata gives you a ‘moral backbone’ so that you can stand up for what you truly believe in, thereby making you unique amidst the crowd. Kolkata’s chai-er dokane adda and torkow gives you the intellectual bent of mind which teaches you to question the happenings in life. Kolkata teaches you to enjoy the simple joys of life(simply try walking on the Howrah bridge) so that even in tough times, you can see the bright side of events and move on. Kolkata is not just a city, my friend. It is a way of life. 🙂

    So, however hard you try, you can take a bong out of Kolkata but you can’t take out the Kolkata from within him.

    • Tanujoy da, lovely comment!
      I targeted Kolkata because A, that’s the only city I’ve grown up in, and B, the lack of cultural diversity.

      What you said makes perfect sense, and I’d never ask anyone to just shrug Calcutta off.

      What I’m asking for here, is for the people who legit want to get out of Kolkata for studies, to do so, and for their parents to allow them to. 🙂

      Kolkata still remains my favorite city to spend time in, but I’d rather study and work elsewhere.

      • Tanu

        I completely respect your view of studying and working outside Kolkata. That’s your personal choice. 🙂

        The previous comment hits the bull’s eye!

        However, the title of the article is pretty misleading. Being someone who has to leave the city, with all its memories, in some weeks, I felt a surge of emotions spiking through my spine on reading “Get out of Kolkata, now!”. Again, a Bangali characteristic – standing up for someone belonging to you… maybe your friend, or your political party or … your city for that matter.

        Anyways, I generally don’t read blogs n all… I read this as Rituraj shared it on fb. So, I don’t know how these things work. So, pardon me if I said something inappropriate. 🙂


        • Apparently strong call-to-action titles work best for blogposts, so there was that. Didn’t think about the explosive impact it might have had. 😛

          Bengal does teach you to stand up for what you believe in. There’s no denying that.

          And there was nothing inappropriate in what you said, ki je bolcho! 😅

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