CBSAON 2013 was a roaring success. ‘Nuff said.

Let’s get down to acknowledging some people who deserve it. (Teachers, I know you won’t ever read this, so I am not making a special reference to you. You know you all are awesome)

The guy, who used to be teased for being feminine, showed why he is The Man. Puspak Sen was the dude who ran logistics. He ensured that everything was in place. The acceptance letters he wrote for the chosen logistics members were perhaps even better written and better designed than the official letters that went out to the other schools. In that letter was a code of conduct that he expected of the members of the logi. One point even read: “Thou shalt not ask girls for their names or numbers (even if they are on WhatsApp).”


The Coolest SecGen ever

“Who the Baablaa? Me the baablaa.” And THAT is how the most super-cool SecGen ever introduces himself. Souryadeep Basak toiled so much to organize this, he even got a tan. His disarming charm, his nonchalant ghaapla, his suave swag… makes ‘em girls go “Daayuum Bezak, ye got some reeal shizz in there”.  I run out of adjectives while describing this super-awesome friend of mine who has never let me down. The better half of the Surya-Sourya combination, this guy always places first in debates where I place third.


Gem of a person
Gem of a person



Tannistha Sinha is awesome. Period. She screamed, she sang, she waltzed her way through corridors, halls, hearts and ended with the Best Delegates’ Award (in her first MUN). She has the distinction of being my bestfriend, as well as the girlfriend of my bestfriend. Sugar and spice and everything nice, she is the nicest person you can get to know. And no, she didn’t pay me for this. Remember the debate in which I came third? Well, she’s the girl who beat me, and I am only too happy to be beaten by her. Coming from me, you’d know how much that means.


Speaking of awesome MUNners, it would be absolutely unjust if I leave Ekansh Mishra and Harsh Gupta. These first time MUNners were absolutely brilliant. CBS is safe in their hands, I am proud to say.


A towering character
A towering character

Speaking of extra-awesome MUNners, you know you’re really extra-awesome when CBS gives you a standing ovation while you go to receive your awards on stage. Proneet De (LMB) and Ribhu Mukherjee (Bosco, yes you read it right). If there ever were any studs, they were these two. After the first day of the committee, everyone knew who the Best Delegate in their committees would be. And they didn’t disappoint. You two, I lead your OverAwedFan Club.



Rajarshi Das on the violin, Puja Bose on the drums and Bhishwadeb ‘Ishan’ Guha and Saptarshi Dey/Mitra on the guitars: Deadliest combination ever. And anyone who saw them perform would thoroughly agree.


Rohit Kr Bose and Anirban Saha (TCS) did a terrific job making the website. Seriously, men. People even said that the website was better than that of another MUN (I won’t name, but you know which one I mean). Arya Chakraborty, Avishek Rakshit, Agnibha Pal, Soupayan Datta, Sreyan MC: you people deserve the credits for so many, so freaking many DPs of so many people. You guys were awesome.


Finally, thank you Mr. President, for thanking everyone else, from the Principal to Jesus Christ. Thank you for reducing my workload. Thank you so much! ((NO sarcasm, honestly))

By Surya

I am a student of Computer Science and Engineering at Vellore Institute of Technology. I like finding out about as many things in the world as possible!