Nothing Personal O:)

What makes her so special to be the first person (albeit anonymous) to feature here? The fact that she is the girlfriend of one of my best friends. He deserves a bigger mention than this and I shall surely go about it. Right now, I shall talk about the person who has made him “happier than I ever was”.


{Sarcasm ahead. Proceed with caution}


She is a very cool person with a lot of character attributes. Or so she thinks.

She is very demure and held back. She is so modest that she doesn’t have a lot of friends. She, well, likes to keep to herself.

Most people do not like her, they sometimes even hate her. But, as Winston Churchill said, “If nobody hates you, then you stood up for nothing.” She must have stood up for a lot of things, going by that logic. And she is again so modest that almost nobody knows what she stood up for. Anyway, if Churchill vindicated her, who am I to vilify her?

She is very nice at heart. She sympathizes with the deprived conditions of the random lecherous people on metros who stare at her. Instead of moving away or making sarcastic remarks, she keeps staying where she was, possibly suppressing an urge to give lap-dances. She ardently supports Mother Teresa and spreads her love for all, no matter how lecherous they are.

She is rebellious. Brave enough to defy authorities. She has done a lot of things at school which have not gone down well with the authorities, but then, didn’t even Subhash Chandra Bose assault a Professor Oaten?

She is very, very intelligent. WAY above the masses. At a recent MUN, she did not speak at all. Why? The first and the more clichéd reason is that she wanted the newbies to have confidence. If she had spoken, they’d have stayed shut in inferiority complex. The second and the more plausible reason is that she felt insulted to speak in a committee so infested with ignorance. She was like a Harvard professor attending a debate where the other participants are all kindergarten students, discussing international polity.

Concentration point

However, she is so nice that she did not refuse to have her photographs taken and in fact was busier posing for photographs than paying attention to the goings-on of the committee. She knew that her image rights would fetch the MUN a lot of publicity, and therefore obliged the shutterbugs. In the featured picture (copyright: Kakee Keith Liao and Youenkee Neil Liao, the damn cool photographers), you can see her pretending to focus on committee, or suppressing a fart, both indicating how involved she is, in the committee.

Disclaimer: I am eternally grateful to her for being so painstaking in making my blog so famous in the social media. Thank you, T!  (also for those chocolate cakes)


How to Ace the SAT

A lot of people have been asking me how to ace the SAT. I scored a meager 2310, but I will help you with whatever I know.

So, coming to the books, I studied from a Kaplan book I found on Flipkart and a Princeton Review book they gave me at PR. And no, I didn’t study at Roads, though a lot of my friends say it is very good. I studied at TPR (The Princeton Review) and found it pretty cool (Yes, ManyaGroup. You are welcome) The teachers, Anindita Ma’am and Saikat Sir, are fantastic! I also met the tennis stud Richie here, as well as Mallika, the chick who threw a bottle at me twice, and Parthivi, the dancer, and Varun, the eternal stud. They kept the classes alive, with the help of Avirup, the dude I figuratively grew up with.

If you want some for-the-record advice, just be good with vocabs. They are the only reason I managed an 800 in Critical Reading. For math, the best advice I ever got was- “RTFQ”. It means, Read The Frigging Question. The only hard work involved in my prep time was doing the homework TPR gave. I would have given you the books, but I already gave them to a friend of mine who helped me a lot in the initial stages of prep. Ankita, from MHS.


Coming to the test hall experience: If you have taken the SAT already, you know what it is like. For the first timers, you get three five-minute breaks. You are expected to refresh your mind by getting out of your place and walking about. People use this window to talk and discuss probable answers among themselves. My advice is, don’t go out. No matter how tempting it is.

I will tell you what happens. In each section, there will be one question everyone will have a doubt about. And in the social gathering that takes place outside during the break, there will be a smart-ass guy like me, who will pretend to know all answers. More often than not, he will tell you the wrong answer so confidently, that you’ll change your own answer, even if it was correct originally. So my advice, again, is Don’t!


Now that we have prepared and taken the test, what do we do? Come out of the test hall with a downcast face. Tell everyone how you sucked up your mathematics section. How you made silly mistakes, etc. Trust me, people get a cynical pleasure out of people who don’t do well in exams. They get stuff to talk about, like “See that dude! Always talks big but fails to deliver.” Give them the surprise of their life when your results come out.


FAQ 1. “What motivated you, Shurjo?”

The fact that I did not get the Presidency of my school. I had to show “them”. In a way they could not ignore. Aman Golechha showed the way with his brilliant results in his law-related exams. And me, in my humble way.

FAQ 2. “What did you do the day before SAT?”

Well, I will be perfectly honest. I watched two movies. One was “Get Smart” (the story of a JohnnyEnglish-esque spy) and the other, OMG (a Hindi movie which deserves a watch). Yes, my mom did not spare me. “SHURJO YOU HAVE YOUR SAT TOMORROW AND YOU ARE WATCHING MOVIES?” And I was like: “Yes mom. Movies help enhance creativity. It will help me write my essay tomorrow.”

Well, it didn’t.

FAQ 3. “Will you take the test again?”

Thaak boss.


Disclaimer: This is not a show-off post. This is merely to share smiles!

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Republic Day, 2013

The 26th of January, 2013, shall remain a day etched forever in my memory, and published forever in my blog.

The previous night, I stayed up till 4am, watching a wonderful movie called 17 Again. You know, reaping the benefits to the fullest when your parents are away for a night… Anyway, the movie was really moving: it was about a 40 year old aam aadmi, who becomes 17 again, and tries to correct his mistakes. It is indeed one of those movies which, despite being feel-good, is worth a watch. Yes, despite being feel-good.

The next morning, I had to get up at 7, all groggy… Our school had been given the privilege of hosting the Kolkata Quiz Festival this year, and Souptik and I were one of the numerous teams (more than a hundred teams, from thirty five schools) that were participating.

I never expected Souptik to come to my place in time. So, when I got out of the bathroom at 8, doing a Ranbir Kapoor in Saawariya, guess whose bewildered face greeted me?

We sat huddled over the morning newspaper, discussing everything that came to our minds. Did you know that tequila is made out of Agave cactus? A cactus?

And when we were done, I declared, “Boss. We are gonna WIN this thing!”

And the picture best describes how Souptik responded.

Good joke, boss!

It is hard to believe, yes, but Souptik had a lot of money with him that day; and even harder to believe: He seemed willing to spend it on a Volvo ride to school! (Despite our school not being en route)

So we took a Volvo to Esplanade, and walked 1.9 kilometers back to school. All for the sake of riding an air-conditioned Volvo bus on a cold winter morning.

The event was supposed to be inaugurated at 12. It was a really big event, with bigshot sponsors like ITC, Indian Jute Association, The Telegraph and all. It was organized by an offshoot of Rotary Club, called XQUIZIT. The amazing quizzers: Aanton-Arijit-Samrat-Saurav are the members of the same, and wonderfully conducted six quizzes over two days.

When I reached school, I sat down and joked with some of my juniors: Agnibha, Rajarshi, Sayan, and all. And no, I cannot share the jokes here. Cbs were chilling out whereas other schools were eagerly poring over their phones, apparently updating their knowledge.

Suddenly, Sreyan comes up to me and says, “Shurjo. You have got to do the opening speech.”

Brace yourself…

All my chilled-out-ness went out of the window. Trust me, no matter how many debates you wn, speaking in public always makes any guy nervous, or so I like to feel. However, the inauguration went pretty well.

According to the pictorial evidence shared here(courtesy Agnibha), I was smiling. Either I was making a fool out of myself, or being really, really cool.

I remember something I quoted on stage about the Republic Day celebrations: “If even 3 out of 10 Indians knew the significance of the Day, it would have been a greater cause to celebrate.”

Out of the many teams who came, 8 qualified for the finals. Souptik and I was one of those. DPS was the only school which saw 2 of its teams qualify. A team from Lakshmipat Singhania Academy qualified, and it had a tremendously talented quizzer, as I had been warned earlier. Bosco, St. Thomas and Mahadevi Birla World Academy also made it.

The quiz began. Bosco was leading after the first two rounds. In the third round, we suddenly gained a lot of impetus and went way ahead of others and stayed there for till the last round, where we would have won anyway, even if we scored negative. This got so boring for us, that you can check Souptik’s undisguised emotion here:

This is too much to take.

We celebrated our victory over egg-chicken rolls outside!


Milind Ghosh, half of whose face you can see in the pic above, is a legendary MUNner of St. Thomas. He graciously gave me a lift to Kankurgachi. I decided to pay Bibek, one of my closest friends, a visit. It was not any casual visit; it was an emergency (if you know what I mean).

There, I met three wonderful girls, two of who were generous enough to pose for my lens, following a soft drinks treat.


This is Tanishi. She calls herself “awesome” and that automatically makes her awesome.


This is Shatabdi. She is more quiet, and plays badminton better than most girls do.


This is Santa, aka Santu. Some teachers call him Sayantan though. His hairstyle has been a source of inspiration for many.

 And this, is Bibek. His email ID is “bibekrooney” and his gaming account name is “respect-aka-viv”. Our class teacher refers to him as the guy who gets 100 in Economics.


Baidu wanted himself to feature, so here you are. Didn’t have a picture of you. World, meet Baidurya Mukherjee: a gem of a guy, who I am forever indebted to, for loading my hard disk. With movies.

And then I went to my guru, Anirban Saha’s place. We chatted a bit, and went to Domino’s together. And had a lot of fun and pizzas!

It was a day, spent to the fullest. It felt even better when it came out that my bestie, Souryadeep, got recognized as the most promising delegate at IITKGP Mun. Which is a BIG deal, given he was a mere school student among college goers. CBS, CBS, everywhere…