My favourite photographs.

I like photography. For the sake of it. Not just because it makes me cool (or uncool) or all. It is just because I like it.

Here are some of my favourite ones. Do leave your comments behind! I learn from criticism.

The Burning Horse.
The Burning Horse.

I recently clicked this at home. I haven’t edited it much. To be honest, I am not a good editor of photographs. This was basically a slow shutter picture taken with my 50mm prime lens. It is one of the pictures that is really difficult to click, and when the effort pays off, it is the best sensation in the world.



Also the credit of the 50mm prime lens, this was taken at Sohinee’s place. She is a very nice friend of mine, from Loreto House, who often treats me, thus earning her adjective. This is her female dog (yes, I know there’s a word for it), Mukulee! Such a sweetheart who scared Rommel off.


Avirup's cover pic.
Avirup’s cover pic.

I had recently learnt slow shutter photography and did this for my best friend ever: Avirup Biswas. He has a terrible handwriting, but when it comes to a picture, EVERYONE is an expert!




DP story #2 : Avirup..!

That was the first time I had gone on a trip outside Kolkata, without a single family member; but then, Avirup and his dad are as close to me as are my family members.

Sorry, Sir, but the bar is closed for tonight,

It was a one night trip to the Sunderbans. Upon Anirbanda’s advice, I had recently purchased my 75-300mm lens, and was desperate to show it off, and the trip presented the perfect opportunity. So I went along, with my tripod stand, camera, and a bag. What did the bag contain? Well. Three clothing items, a toothbrush, a dabbah of moisturizer (which Mom had optimistically packed), and a Chemistry textbook (which I had optimistically packed).


Anyway, the day we reached, the locals presented a Yatra. No, not the stuff, but a “jaatra”, as they say in Bangla, which is a very crude yet refined form of a play. Before the play began, when people were unsure what to do, I was not. I said, “Avirup! Stand!” and got this.

The next morning, while returning, I spotted very interesting nail-colours on Paavni’s nails.


Paavni who?

She is a very nice Punjabi girl hailing from Faridabad who is a class senior to me though a year junior.
They say, “The only person a woman carefully listens to, is a photographer.”


That was how I got her to pose for me.

Before you ask, “Arreh bhai, ye kaise ho sakta hai?” I did not fail any class, thank you.

Despite the way I wonderfully captured her beauty, she flatly told me.

Bhai. Your Hindi is hopeless.”

Her sister, Sugandha, is an Amazon of a girl, who tried (and failed) to teach me fluent Hindi. Here is a picture of her with her Dad, a very nice person too.

And oh! I showed Paavni’s picture to Mom, along with all the other pictures of Sunderbans which came out nice. My grandma (Ammi) was also there. Later, Mom confided in me, Ammi allegedly asked her to find out about my “relationship” with the girl. Lol!



DP Story #1 : Mayank Bhai.. !

Surya Shekhar Chakraborty photographs
“What’s cooking?”

Oh what can I say about Mayank’s dp! It is one of my favorite shots!

But I love the history of the shot even more.

I had taken my camera to tuition, and even got a photo of this dog outside class. “Dekh dekh, kaise ye kutta pose maar raha hai!” Mayank pointed. Out came my 50mm prime, and I got this.


After class, Ritam gave us a lift till a place called Khanna. We decided to walk to Ultodanga to save a rupee, as the bus bhaara to my house (at Bangur) from Ultodanga was a rupee cheaper. The idea was mine, of course, like all other money-saving ideas. But there was a phuchka vendor at Ultodanga who was vending phuchkas cheaper than usual. Both of us were full, but the prospect of getting ONE extra phuchka for Rs. 10 seemed too lucrative to dismiss.

Mayank, Surya Shekhar Chakraborty
“Hum se panga nehi lene ka…”

Staggering under the crushing weight of 24 phuchkas after a heavy meal (do not try this at home), I proposed walking to Bangur Avenue rather than taking a bus. Mayank agreed. While walking on the VIP, I came across a nice place where a lot of lights converged. And the rest, as they say, is Mayank’s dp…

“Bhai, ye picture toh bariya nikla! Tujhko hum treat denge,” said Mayank.

I hope when he reads this, this will appeal to his conscience and he will be reminded of yet another unkept promise.

But he is a commerce student.



Businessmen logon ka conscience tha bhi kab?