About me


Nice to see you’re curious 🙂

I’m a student of Vellore Institute of Technology, and I study Computer Science there.

I come home to my North Calcutta residence twice a year. Here I like spending time with my cousin whom I named Rommel (after the Nazi Fieldmarshal everyone respected), and our cat Dora Cata (who only responds to my mom, since she’s the one who serves her fish and Whiskas). Dora’s very pretty. Also, she will be nice to you as long as you don’t sit on her personal sofa.

My hobbies include quizzing (which has recently taken a front seat) and debating. My interests lie in modern history and businesses.

I also like finding out more about stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with my career. I go through lectures on sociology, and mathematics (of the discrete kind). I really like doing the math that I can visualize happening in my head, but really dislike calculus for the same reason. This is also the reason I took up computer science: it works with discrete data.

You won’t find too many blog posts on my blog because I blog only when something inspires me greatly. This ensures quality blog posts. The real reason, of course, is my general engineering-inspired laziness, but shh. Mum mustn’t know.


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