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Game of Ludo

Last week, my 7-year-old cousin Rommel, forced me to play Ludo with him. One reason Rommel hates playing with me is that I don’t allow him to cheat, which Ammi (our grandmother) graciously allows all the time. Now, while playing with Rommel, I saw him making lots of rookie mistakes….

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The Fall of the Coolness of Smoking

Growing up, I thought smoking was cool, and why wouldn’t I? Everybody cool was smoking cigarettes. From the Toscaneli cigar that dangled off Clint Eastwood’s lips as he looked at the horizon, to the Charminar Feluda smoked as he furrowed his brows in concentration, the cigarette was associated with everything…

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Why I Want Donald Trump to Win

Before you start calling me crazy, stupid, weird, xenophobe, anti-national, bhakt, and all the other nasty words every intellectual throws around these days, let me tell you that this is an elaborate plan. Take a deep breath and assume for one second that Donald Trump comes to power (Melodramatic NAHIIIIIIIII). What…

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Cult Indian Songs

This is a humble attempt to list down the coolest songs I have discovered since coming to college. You can thank me later. ISHQ TERA TADPAVE (Taare Gin Gin) Any Punjabi event requires three things: Chicken, Booze, and Ishq Tera Tadpave. Yes, this is that Oh-hohoho song. A DJ is…

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The Amio Bangali Syndrome

Just the other day, I got into the elevator of my hostel block, going downstairs. Some background here: I study in an engineering college in the southern part of the country. So you could say that chances of coming across a Bengali are sort of low in here. So when…

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On meeting Narayan Debnath

After waiting for some time, I rang the bell again. It was a modest house in the midst of a busy lane, and the locality was bustling with activity. Back in his days, he used to sit on the front porch of this house to look at the kids play….

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A Night Near Chennai

Close your eyes. Close your eyes for 2 seconds and imagine a white Tavera. Now imagine the Tavera plowing through a fast flowing current of muddy water flowing from everywhere to everywhere. Imagine the water level rising up over the bonnet of the car and reaching the windscreen. The windscreen….

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Intimate bonds

A year back, when I first moved into hostel more than a thousand miles away from home, I felt all alone. For the first time, I had no mother with me to wake me up every day (which is no easy task); I had no father to guide me about…

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FunJava- The Idea

What is FunJava? The idea of FunJava is simple:  We teach class 10 kids how to code in Java, for their ICSE exams. How is it different from other such Java-for-ICSE websites? It’ll be fun, rather than rote theory learning. We’ll go super crazy! Also, unlike coding blogs that remain…

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Let’s Talk About Rape

No, no. This does not come as an insight into the interview of the Nirbhaya-rapist and his lawyer. Their mindset is something that continues to elude me. This article talks about our mindset. By “us”, I mean the generally literate upper and middle class. How often have you heard someone…